Meet The Maker

Melinda Nizeti Meet The Maker

Nizeti is a one woman show. Everything is created by hand in Sydney, Australia. Melinda the owner designs, pattern makes, and hand cuts every piece mindfully. Nizeti aims to create clothing that is cool and considered without damaging the planet or your wallet.


Following no timelines or seasons. Creating with no rules. Allowing pieces to come to life with special finishing touches in their own time. NIZETI produces very small runs, usually only 1-3 pieces per style & colour and made to order in response to demand. Sourcing all fabrics from Australian Fabric suppliers supporting the local industry.


My design ethos is reflected in our fluid approach to sizing. Many of our pieces have been intentionally created to transcend conventional attitudes towards beauty and size. Some pieces are made in one size, intended for a very broad range of frames, including before, during and after motherhood. Other designs are better suited to a size range. Please see our size chart for further details.