Meet The Maker


 "I dream of creating pieces that work harder than you do. To create dresses that bring out the confidence and beauty you have within.  Dresses that you can wear and wear again for years to come."

NIZETI believes in ethical and sustainable fashion for the conscience girl. Each piece is made locally in Sydney, Australia. Minimalistic, timeless and proud to be part of the slow fashion movement.

Following no timelines or seasons. Creating with no rules. Allowing pieces to come to life with special finishing touches in their own time. NIZETI produces very small runs, usually only 1-3 pieces per style & colour and made to order in response to demand. Sourcing all fabrics from Australian Fabric suppliers supporting the local industry.

Melinda the owner and designer of NIZETI hand cuts every piece. Ensuring waste is minimised by using all the fabric mindfully. Any unusable off-cuts are donated to local kindergartens for craft. All paper used in the design and cutting process is recycled. Melinda only prints clothing labels and tags. Never printed a look book or used a plastic garment bag.